Survey : "My Birthday Party"

Your birthday party cancelled due to Covid19 ? You want a second chance ? We can help you further…
Anim’Party organize events for both individuals and entreprises in Belgium. With this survey we would like to get your expectations in order to come back with a « tailor made » offer. Please fill in this form and do not hesitate to share with friends…

If already known you can also mention the city or venue in comments below.
Please specify if a location is already decided or describe your preferences and expectations.
Note : Did you know that sharing a birthday party can be special and "bigger” while some expenses are mutualised?
Multiple answers possible. (*) Spring 2021 will NOT be allowed. Let's hope we can make it in the Summer time...
Please describe your preferences or specific date if already decided.
Note: Did you check our web site and services catalogue ?
Note: Did you know that your guests / friends would likely be ready to contribute if the event is "special" ?
Please mention here any suggestion, additional info or special request that will help us to meet your expectations.